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The saga of the king and his powerful sword, reaching deep into medieval folklore, has been retold and interpreted in numerous manuscripts. People nowadays are still fascinated by the astounding story which has its roots in another world. A world full of brave knights, powerful sorcerers, mighty kings and enchanting ladies. A world which holds dear the ideals of honour, fidelity, courage and heroism.

The mystical story is given an extraordinary new life in the creation of “EXCALIBUR” by French composer, musician and producer Alan Simon. Simon has forged a unique and successful symbiosis of rock, folk, celtic and classical music that reawakens the King Arthur legend and the intrigue surrounding it.

More than 70 musicians from a variety of backgrounds guarantee an unforgettable and outstanding live experience. For an all round dramatic experience, EXCALIBUR is narrated, in each respective country, by a famous national actor taking on the role of Merlin and leading the audience through the incredible story with his powerful voice.

But whilst EXCALIBUR is a treat for the ears it is also a rich visual spectacle - outstanding stage and light design, actors, swordsmen and artists in medieval costumes as well as thrilling video sequences on giant screens – which paints the myth of EXCALIBUR in a new light and guarantees that this Celtic Rock Opera gets right under your skin.